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Tanhaji Malusare was an unsung warrior from the 17th century. His acts of valour and bravery continued to inspire soldiers long after he lost his life in battle.

Endowed with a body of steel, the courage of a lion and an agile mind, Tanhaji was also one of Chattrapati Shivaji`s closest aides and trusted lieutenants. Ready to lay down his life for his King and country, this braveheart planned a surgical strike to get back the Kondana Fort against the Mughal army headed by Udaybhan.

When the fort of Kondana, that was the pride of the Marathas was under the control of Udaybhan and a Mughal army, Tanhaji went to war armed only with a handful of Marathas. If the Mughals had muscle power, Tanhaji had sharp acumen. The only unfortunate thing is--the Marathas won Kondana but they lost their Lion. Tanhaji left behind a void that none in history could ever fill.

Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior is a visual extravaganza that depicts the life and times of this unsung warrior, whose valour still makes the Nation proud.

Tanaji The Unsung Warrior is releasing in theaters on 10 January. Based on the backdrop of the war between the Maratha Empire and the Mughals, the film will feature Ajay Devgan as Tanaji Malusare, who was a subedar in a Maratha army. There are often controversies about historical films. In such a situation, the Censor Board (CBFC) has started to be very cautious before the release, which is predicted by the scissors of the board which runs on Tanaji.

When the censor board saw Tanaji, he felt that some scenes and dialogues might be objected to and that the matter could jump to media like the Padmavati protests, so they have been asked to remove it. According to our news, in one scene, Saif Ali Khan's character Udayabhan says - and I am only Rajput. The word Rajput has been removed from it. Words and lines like Goli, Maid and Neecha Khoon Tha Tu have been removed. The film had a scene in which Udaybhan was shown killing his mother. This scene has also been edited. The dubbing of a dialogue was also repeated from SAIF, so that the meaning is not lost. For More Story Please Go To Cinema and Watch Movie.